I think my FAVORITE episode of Steve's Character was during Cathy & Joshuas wedding day as he introduced Whitney to the family and neighbors.
  After no one reacts about the two he keeps digging even the next day.  I also loved how they wrote for Lilimae as she explained to himj about the situation.
I didn't realize that Steve was nominated in 1987.
Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor in a Long 
Running Series Comedy or Drama
for: "Knots Landing" 
Young Artist Awards: 1987
Young Artist Award
Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor in a Long Running Series 
Comedy or Drama
  Winner:   "Who's the Boss?" (1984)  Danny Pintauro 
   Other Nominees: 
"Cosby Show, The" (1984) - Peter Costa (I) 
"Dallas" (1978) - Joshua Harris (I) 
"Dallas" (1978) - Omri Katz 
"Diff'rent Strokes" (1978) - Jason Hervey 
"Growing Pains" (1985) - Jeremy Miller (I) 
"Knots Landing" (1979) - Steve Shaw (II) 
i think that steve was the best to play eric on knots landing he was a great actor playing different characters on the varieties of shows i could not believe over the years that he put on so much weight he really looked good as he filled out and got his stomach nice and round and plumped out may you rest in peace steve i miss you buddy you were a truly a great and wonderful actor and guy
 Frank  memyselfi

my favorite moments of eric was the episodes he played in like the time he kept calling his baby brother a punk and getting angry in the process and gave him a good punch in the stomach i felt sorry for michael but in reality he should not have messed around affair or not it was so surprising for me to see eric's stomach to inflate over the years that was a total shock to see i guess his wife or girlfriend kept him fattened up he looked good with his belly all nice and round i will miss you very much steve you are in my prayers i love you

Frank / Sav.
I didn't even know he passed away till i turned to this page.  Where have I been?
He was a great addition to Knots Landing..
Thanks for posting this page.
The heart felt moments he brought to the show, I'll never forget the scene where he and Karen went to the grave site to visit with Sid.
That was some legend Knots Landing Moments.
Send your comments on Steve Shaw "Eric Fairgate"
 I'm so sorry to here he had passed away. I didn't even know he was gone and that explaines why I don't see him around. I think Knots Landing should of dedicated an episode in his memory. Until then we will meet again
Name Eric Lloyd MacDuff
State Eric CA

 Steve Shaw was my cousin he was a great guy.  The show did do a wonderful tribute to him and Michelle Lee sang the song during the clips. 

I always find it to be very sad when loosing someone.  I know to me Steve may have been a TV star but he was more then that. Thanks to my love for Knots Landing. Steve was also in my heart.  I've said this many times and I know I'll even say it many more.  This series meant so much to me growing up.  Weekly I grew up with the kids of Knots Landing.  They all became this great escape for me that without, I couldn't imagine.  So when I heard of the loss of Steve Shaw and so cut short of his life, my heart broke.  I'm posting this page for others to tell their good-byes  or  thank you's.

You truly are missed Mr Steve Shaw.  JDK
 Wow I love this page. Like others I never realized Steve was gone.  i feel like it happend minuets ago. Very Sad.

I loved Eric and Knots Landing. I think he had to be touched in the head to had married Linda of all women.
Then of course little brothers gets all screwed up with her. It really made good story lines and you really have been missed.  
   Stan / Long Island
Hey thanks for this website. I love it.  I didn't care too much for this character., but to loose Steve was a bad thing.

  We love you steve.

Sandra / Tn.
This is a wonderful site, I just found it and getting ready to send out to some other friends.  i love the dedication pages. steve was a hgreat actor and I cried when I heard the news about his passing..

Ginger / NC
Each time looking over this page and seeing many changes every time that are wonderful, it breaks my my heart all over again.
Thanks for the wonderful tribute.

Dale /  NC

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Hi Jim, you okay? This is me, Morgane!! 

I loved Steve Shaw in Knots Landing. I was very sad when I learned of his death twenty years ago. That's funny. I discovered Steve Shaw in an episode of Little House on the Prairie when I was little, but I prefer Steve on Knots Landing. What impressed me most in his character?? This is the episode where Eric was poisoned with arsenic. At the time, I thought the writers wanted to kill the character of Eric FAIRGATE, like his late father. "Sid". But fortunately, he survived his illness. There is another episode that marked me a lot too. This is the episode where Eric has discovered that her little brother (Michael) fell in love with his wife (Linda) and vice versa. 

I remember that Eric had put a big punch to Michael. My god, I remember, I was very shocked to see this scene. I remember this episode like it was yesterday. It was really a great episode. Unforgettable!! It was good achievement...
 I loved Steve Shaw on Knots Landing.  It's tragic and hard to believe that he has passed away.  Steve Shaw was a very talented actor, and I loved his character Eric Fairgate.  Your dedication page is wonderful.
       Nicki  /     NY

 I can't wait till you get your videos of Steve Shaw as Eric back on here.  seems everytime you get it looking great they delete everything you've worked on..  You have a Great Dedication to theses pages and to Knots Landing.  I love looking over this site..  Thank you for building it for us to always remember.
       Jane   /  Az

I watched "Knots Landing" from the first night to the last, and remember Steve Shaw very well. He was in an episode of "Three's Company" during the 1978-79 season, too. A friend of mine informed me of his passing. I thought she had her facts wrong. It was a shock which really saddened me. Thanks for making this page in his honor. 

 Eric /  TX
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Hey Steve I think of you all the time and i even have a photo of you in a frame in my bedroom  and i do miss you buddy
       Lloyd  /    On

Love  this website and this tribute page to Steve, thanks for adding it for our blessings.

sharon  /  Or
Great tibute page.  love the site.  Steve was a great young actor.

Chris   /  Tn
Steve was a best friend in Burbank in my teens and twentys,miss you steve remembering our shi days in tahoe, what a blast we had,I was just watching a movei they had a AR15,same one you had when we went shooting,that mademe look tou up on line, great to see there is a site about your life, always thinking of you when I see my son as I named his middle name steven
Eric Bryan /   CA