Valene's Character page was last updated: July 14, 2023
By far, Mrs Joan Van Ark is truly the one real person, from Knots Landing" to be such the "GREAT ACTRESS" she is to take the time  to get to know another ordinary person such as myself.  I thank you Joan for your kindness and the great personality you have.  Also hope you enjoyed this tribute page I built for the greatest character, "you created" in Knots Landing.
     What a wonderful character Joan created for many years.  Seems I'm always searching for those wonderful characters thrown together and worked out so wonderfully.  It's hard to find such combination to any story line from any series these days.
  Something about those days. Seems these days you never have to know how to act, only have great body to strip off in front of camera.  I miss the old days where we used our imagination.
  I miss the cast of Knots Landing.

  Wish they would release all on DVD..
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