When I started building this website, many things I worried for,. How other Knots Landing Fans will react to my tribute of the series. Taking that chance I found myself building with so much passion that only grew stronger with each page I worked on. I built it in hopes of others finding it and enjoy as I do. I Believed in it enough to help give suggestions and feed back of how they felt of the series.
    I remember an episode when Karen gets stalked by a fan. Feeling that many will think I’m some kind of crazy person for feeling so strongly toward the cast of Knots Landing. When you say you love something or someone I suppose it makes a red flag pop up, this has happened even to myself several times.  I found myself in a predicament once and still I hide from someone from my past. I let things go too far
 before realizing the danger of it all.  It really takes a lot out of a person. For a long time I  never spoke to anyone out of my circle I created for myself. I understand the fear of getting to know someone sometimes can be.   Sometimes you never know about a person till it's too late.  I'm saying  this because I was corresponding with someone and by the second email I found myself writing as if they where my long lost brother or sister and after sending the email I felt very uncomfortable,  
                                        The email wasn't  "I'm gonna get you" or anything such as that.  I realized the email came across such as, "Well you've found me and you'll never get rid of me."  This happened because while                                                     writing it felt natural like when hearing  from a long lost friend and you're glad you found one another again.

                                         like I said, It felt right to be writing with this feeling that I’ve known them all my life.  I started laughing because, I’ve always been this way, this is me and I’ll probably never change. I know the world and the way it is today.
 I’m not a person believing everyone’s good inside. It’s only sometimes you have this hope and try figuring it out for yourself. Some say I never meet a stranger because I can talk to anyone around me, and believe me sometimes I get the strangest reactions.
 I find myself talking to others only to see how they'll respond. It's like making eye contact when walking by a person.  It’s unbelievable how many people can pass you by and never look up and into your eyes. My partner tells me all the time, "They are going to think you are a pervert or something."  The strangest thing was it never crossed my mind that they might be thinking that. If I was walking by someone struggling to load their stuff, Id always stop and ask if they need help. Sometimes the funniest thing about it, and a little sad that they would easily judge another such as myself and they quickly become much stronger and faster on getting there things and gone.  I forget how society really is sometimes, and think of the way I wish it could be..  Most of us, we are full of fear and believe, I’m built the same way, but there are times when I feel you can let someone in when really needed..  Ok, I think I lost myself here, lol…anyway, to tell the truth, when I think of my family back home, and I realize as crazy as it may sound to others, this is how I feel about the cast of Knots Landing.  So you see I understand and realize I may never meet or get to know anyone from the series, but I also have family that I care for deeply but have never met face to face, so this is the same feeling.  I want
 them to know if ever one reads this, I’d feel as comfortable beside them as I would a cousin.  Well, after I regain conciseness. Lol… I'm really just a guy from Tennessee with a big heart and the wonderful memories I remember from all those Thursday nights of watching Knots Landing.  I'm not trying to steal anything from anyone; I only want to give back the joy and the wonderful meaning that the series gave me.  I wanted to let them know of such a huge part of my life revolved around watching Knots Landing.  So if any of you ever get the chance to read over this, I want to say thank you for the bright light you helped shine all through the good and dark parts of my life.  you at times gave me guidance and helped me realize some of my judgments and the wrong paths I could have easily taken.  What I’m trying to get out is I couldn’t imagine growing up not knowing Knots Landing.  So I figured this is another way to keep the spirit of Knots Landing alive for this generation and the ones to come. So this year 2010, for my birthday, July 20th, we want to visit Seaview Circle, (actually Crystalaire Place, and of course the beach).  I've never been on a plane but for this I would. lol....  Thanks for reading.. JDK. 
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Remembering Knots Landing
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Remembering Knots Landing